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Our Story

Our Story…
In 2016, we premiered the “The Hood on Your Hoodie” concept to offer customers a proud way to represent ideals, with one-at-a-time, hand stitched, premium quality hoodies that featured those ideals embalmed across the front and back. Today, we’re more than just custom hoodies… we are Solid Hoodie, offering the best designs from artists around the globe.
What makes a SOLID HOODIE?
At Solid Hoodie, we believe that hoodies are the single most solid piece of clothing ever made! In the history of fashion, designers and artists never had the access to technology that would enable them to create intricate designs in vivid colors. And in the years hoodies has been around, All-Over-Printed hoodies have only been a fashion phenomenon very recently. With the discovery of the dye-sublimation technology, creating premium art wear is possible for you and your awesome friends to enjoy!

Curated from environment friendly micro fabric and eco-solvent inks, Solid Hoodie creates genuine artistic merchandise that’s made to last both in style and durability. Inspected personally for quality seaming, these hoodies use ultrafit technology for a warm serene fit feel without relying on the extra heavy material to do so. Our aesthetic designs will never fade, and stays fresh out of the box. To give your hoodies the best possible care, kindly air dry and avoid the dryer.

Solid Hoodies made perfect gifts for the holidays across all ages, shapes, and sizes. Choose from our great house brands and well-known name brands.
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