Product Timeline – Solid Hoodie

Product Timeline

A Timeline from production to delivery

1st Day
- International Art and Material Specialists gathers eco-friendly fabric, inks and materials. Before the 1st Day, processing time may take an additional 5-7 Days depending on the popularity of an item and availability of their eco-materials.
2nd-6th Day
- Dye Sublimation Process with QuickDry and Ultrafit technology
7th Day
- Heated Air Drying
8th Day              
- Shipping to Finishing Coat Supplier.
10th ~ 13th Day
- Arrival of solid goods
10th ~ 15th Day
- 3 Day Final Heat Coat Sublimation with Low Temperature Air Dry
12th ~ 17th Day
- Order Processing, Quality Check for Delivery and Sending of Tracking Number for customer reference (sooner if applicable)
12th ~ 21st Day

- Estimated Time of Arrival. For orders outside the U.S.A., it will take longer due to your respective country's customs jurisdictions. 

*For international orders, you will be subject to your country's own laws and conditions for customs, duties and taxes.

For more in-depth information regarding our Delivery Policy, kindly refer to this page.